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know your water



In today's lineup of vending machine offerings, more and more varieties of foods and drinks are easily accessible with a touch of a button. And with beverages, the easiest way to consistently dispense good tasting drinks is to use the best water possible. That's because cold cup beverages, such as sodas and juices, and hot cup beverages, such
as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty espresso drinks, are
mostly water.


Premium water that's free from contaminants is the key to dispensing quality beverages. In cold cup drinks, chlorine and dirt can drive the carbonation out and destroy their taste. For hot cup beverages, chlorine causes coffee and specialty drinks to taste bitter. Everpure filters stop these taste-destroying contaminants.

Everpure's exclusive precoat filtration technology removes particles down to 1/2 micron in size.  And because Everpure filters are certified to the highest standards by NSF International, you're assured that Everpure filters provide continuous protection.

For vending companies, multiple cup sizes, cappuccinos, mochas and teas are all designed to get the “Starbucks customer” to buy from your machines. With Everpure filtration, the water—97 percent of your final product—will measure up to their standards.


As the first company to offer a quick change filtration system in the 1960s, followed by setting the industry standards in 1977, Everpure has always been the world leader in hot and cold cup vending machines. In addition to providing premium water, Everpure also offers the most scale inhibition products in the industry, including many resin-based solutions to vending machine scale problems.

But we offer more than great products. We also offer many value-added services, from training to marketing and point of sale to our EWA program, to enhance your selling and marketing efforts. We can help you put together a marketing program so your customers will know and appreciate the features and benefits of premium-filtered water. And be willing to pay for it.

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