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  Longer-lasting aviation filtration cartridges now available

The new Aircraft Water Filter Cartridges, 150-21B and 150-21BP, from Pentair Filtration, Inc., are now available for installation in the Model AC-2 Aircraft Water Filter Housing. The 150-21B can be used as a replacement for the AL-21SG water filter cartridge (Part Number770006) and the 150-21BP can be used as a replacement for the AL-21SG-SC (Part Number 770050). The cartridges are manufactured by Pentair Corporation’s sister company, Fibredyne, according to Pentair specifications.

The water filter cartridges, which use a powdered activated carbon bonded into a solid matrix to provide exceptionally long life, are designed to reduce tastes and odors and also to filter out dirt and cloudiness. Testing has shown a greater than 85 percent reduction of 3 ppm chlorine taste and odor for over 3,000 gallons of water (11,350 liters) at 0.5 gallons per minute (1.9 liters per minute). In addition, the carbon matrix has proven effective in reducing 69 percent of particles in the 1 to 4.9 micron range and removed 91 percent of the particles 5 micron and larger at 0.5 gallons per minute (1.9 liters per minute) when tested using fine test dust. The 150-21BP also inhibits limescale formation with polyphosphate and is great for hot water applications.

Both the 150-21B and the 150-21BP cartridges are available in twelve-pack cartons. Airline customers will find they are very cost effective, and that the longer life of these cartridges will correspond with major maintenance periods for the aircraft, making it convenient to replace them.

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