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Marine Products

If you think that chlorine is the best, most reliable way to treat your off-shore potable water, think again. Compared to chlorination, Everpure Bromination is safe to use, provides equivalent disinfection more easily, and won’t corrode your plumbing system as chlorine can.

Everpure Bromination features a unique stabilizing process, which eliminates the hazards of elemental bromine. The result is a material that is ideal for water requirements of cruise vessels, navy ships, recreational boats, workboats and off-shore platforms. The ease and efficiency of using a brominating system with replaceable cartridges is far more desirable than the time consuming, unpleasant task of preparing chlorine solutions from dry chlorine powder.

Everpure Bromination Systems meet the toughest standards for health and safety effects during combined testing by the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Public Health Service, the Centers for Disease Control, the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Your crew will appreciate bromination too, because their coffee, juice and soups will taste great.

SSFM-50 Brominator
The ultra-reliable SSFM-50 series of brominators provide safe, effective disinfection for marine vessels.

Bromine is 4-10 times less noticeable in water than Chlorine, giving you better-tasting water. Yet it provides more disinfectant effectiveness across a broader range of pH range. This is one reason why the SSFM series of proportioning brominators are found on US Navy, USCG, USACE and NOAA ships around the globe.
Read about the SSFM-50AC and new LCS 1, FREEDOM.
SSFM-50AC Proportioning Brominator
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