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Municipal water is typically treated with disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines, which are key to keeping water safe. However, water can be handled several times between the municipal source and the aircraft’s water system, where contamination can be introduced in the hoses, nozzles, fittings, water carts or the vented tanks onboard the plane itself. Additional chlorine is often added to the aircraft’s water to protect it from bacterial contamination. With the additional chlorine, such contamination could pose a potential threat to the health of your passengers and crew. While chlorine is necessary, it can impart a distinctive and unpleasant taste and odor to water, and even make beverages bitter. Everpure aircraft water filters are designed to be the last stage before the water is served. Our filters reduce the chlorine, and also remove other contaminants, such as suspended matter, that can clog water-using equipment. The result is clean, crystal-clear water for drinking or beverage making.

With Everpure’s aircraft water filters and D-Clor™ cartridges, you can be sure of great-tasting water for maximum customer satisfaction.

150-21B Filter
Two exceptional filters that are now

The 150-21B family of products not only provides clean, great tasting water, but exceptional long life as well. In fact, you could also average over 3,000 flight hours using normal aircraft. Featuring powdered activated carbon, these filters provide superior chlorine taste and odor reduction. The 150-21BP also inhibits limescale formation with polyphosphate and is great for hot water applications.
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