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know your water


Your Everpure Water Test Kit comes with a unique TDS Meter. Unlike most TDS Meters that provide numerical readings of TDS ppm levels, this meter provides a range of TDS that is indicated by one or two LED lights. The advantage of this design is it allows us to keep the cost low so we can offer it free to you.

How to operate your TDS Meter:

  1. Run unfiltered cold tap water for 5 seconds, then fill a standard drink glass. 
  2. Insert probe end of meter no more than 1” into water, and depress blue cap. Do not submerge entire unit. 
  3. One or two lights will illuminate. Match light(s) to color chart to get approximate Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
  4. Conduct the TDS test three (3) times and use the average. For example: if test #1 results in a Solid Green light, test #2 results in a Flashing Green light, and test #3 results in another Solid Green light, use Solid Green as your results since it appeared 2 out of 3 tests. Match this light to the color chart to find your corresponding Total Dissolved Solids range.
  5. Go to and click on the SMARTWORKS logo. 
  6.  Input your reading along with the test data from the other components in the water test kit.
  7. This TDS Meter is designed for limited use. After 5 tests device may not be accurate and should be discarded.

Following are ranges of TDS in parts per million as indicated by the TDS indicator:

TDS Meter

 Stable Blue  0-75 ppm = stable blue
 Flashging Blue  76-150 ppm = flashing blue
 Flashing Blue and Stable Green  151-250 ppm = flashing blue + stable green
 Stable Green  251-300 ppm = stable green
 Flashing Green  301-400 ppm = flashing green
 Flashing Green and Stable Red  401-500 ppm = flashing green + stable red
 Stable Red  501-600 ppm = stable red
 Flashing Red  601-750 ppm = flashing red
 Alternate Red and Green  751-900 ppm = alternate red and green

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - A measure of the quantity of dissolved minerals in water. High levels of TDS can cause scale to form on water using equipment and requires a reverse osmosis system to remove. TDS is measured in parts per millions (ppm).

For questions regarding this TDS meter and water testing, contact Everpure's Technical Service Team at 800-942-1153, or email us at

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