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know your water

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose Everpure for water filtration?

Who do I call for local support and training on installation and service of my Everpure filter system?

Where can I purchase Everpure commercial products?

How do I get my water tested?

How do I find the part number I need?

How can Everpure help my operation be more “green”?

How often should I change my cartridges?

How do I remove "used" cartridges and install new ones?

How do I locate product literature on your systems?

Why do cartridges plug up?

Why do cartridges have to be flushed?

Can filtered water increase my equipment life?

How can I prevent scale in my steamer?

Are your products NSF certified?

How is Everpure treated water better than tap water?

How often do I have to delime my equipment?

How do I delime my equipment?

Why would I need a prefilter on my water treatment system?

I have installed new cartridges. Why do my drinks still have an off taste?

How do I know if my water is treated with chloramine?

What should I do if there is a boil order in my area?

Doesn’t my water softener treat my water?

What is the “milky” substance in my IMF bowl?

My water smells like “rotten eggs”.

Do your cartridges reduce chlorine?

How do I replace the cartridges?

I have water stains on my sinks and equipment.

What are your recommended water specifications?

How do I get my municipal water report?

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