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know your water


Many of the major foodservice chains have water specifications. They recognize that having a consistent water recipe throughout all of their locations ensures their customers-no matter where they are-will get quality beverages and food. At Everpure, our experts have developed water specifications for the major foodservice applications including coffee/espresso, fountain beverage, iced tea, ice, steam and warewashing.

When water quality is within these specifications, the beverages will taste and smell exactly as they should, and the foodservice equipment will perform much better.

We want your water to be as good as it can be. That is why we are offering a free water test kit. This kit is comprised of the following:

  • TDS Meter
  • Hardness dip strip
  • pH dip strip
  • Alkalinity dip strip
  • Free Chlorine dip strip
  • Total Chlorine dip strip
  • Chlorides dip strip
  • Reagent powder and vial
    for testing for Iron
  • Pipe Measuring Tape
  • Water Test Kit



    In just a few minutes, you can get some basic knowledge of your water. You will then input the information from this test into the SMARTWORKS program at Our SMARTWORKS analysis tool will provide you an analysis report that compares your water conditions to our recommended specifications. Once the report is complete, one of our authorized dealers will contact you to recommend a custom product solution that can ensure your water is of the absolute best quality. There is no pressure to buy an Everpure system, but our recommendation will help make you aware of your options.

    Request your free test.

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