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What is Bromination

If you think chlorine is the best, most reliable way to treat your off-shore potable water, you may be surprised to learn that, when compared to chlorination, Everpure Bromination is safer to use, provides equivalent disinfection more easily, and won’t corrode your plumbing system like chlorine does.


About Bromination
For many years, practical use of elemental bromine was restricted because of its hazardous properties. However, engineers at Everpure and Dow Chemical developed a unique stabilizing process, which eliminates the inherent dangers of elemental bromine by converting ion exchange resin to polybromide form. The result is a material suited to the water treatment requirements of cruise vessels, navy ships, recreational boats, work boats and off-shore platforms. The ease and efficiency of using a brominating system with replaceable cartridges is far more desirable than the time consuming and unpleasant task of preparing chlorine solutions from dry chlorine powder.

You know how important water safety and quality is to your ship’s operation and crew’s morale. Water is an absolute essential to many parts of your operation. Keeping it safe and healthy is mandatory. It only takes one waterborne outbreak to slow down your crew. Using Everpure Bromination can be considered your insurance policy against a potential outbreak.

Protecting your crew and passengers from water- and food-borne illnesses is only one major reason Everpure Bromination makes sense. Plus, protecting water-using equipment through bromination is absolutely necessary since the investment you make helps you increase profits.

The benefits of using Everpure Bromination systems

  • Great tasting water
    A great-tasting cup of coffee in the morning can do wonders for the morale of your crew. This is what you will be providing with Everpure Bromination. Bromine is about four times less taste-intrusive than chlorine and is often undetectable at normal concentrations. Your crew and passengers will appreciate the difference. Coffee, juices, soups, soft drinks — anything made with water will taste noticeably better.
  • Safer to handle
    In off-shore environments, where fire safety is critical, Everpure Bromination gives you a wide safety margin over chlorine.

    Bromination ChartJust glance at our shipping labels and you’ll see Polybromide resin does not carry a fire hazard safety warning like that on chlorine. Unlike chlorine, bromine cartridges can be safely stored and handled without fear of skin burns, keeping your operation safer for your crew and passengers.

    And, polybromide will not corrode your plumbing and foodservice equipment the way chlorine is prone to do.
  • Simple to operate
    There are no chemicals to mix with Everpure Bromination. Just change the brominator cartridge according to schedule and you will have great tasting, healthy water for longer than if you were to use chlorine. Since it only takes a couple of minutes to change a cartridge, your crew will have more time to focus on their jobs, instead of worrying about maintaining their water treatment system.
  • An effective disinfectant
    While both chlorine and bromine form amine compounds (abundant in water bunkered from shore) when combined with the free ammonia found in water supplies throughout the world, the bromamines are effective disinfectants. Chloramines are not.
  • Safe, reliable water
    Everpure Bromination is recognized by the U.S. Navy as the safest, most reliable, and easy-to-use method of water disinfection aboard ship. That’s why you’ll find an Everpure system on most surface ships in its fleet.

    Water-borne disease accounts for a large portion of all onboard and off-shore sickness. Viruses, bacteria and cysts in your water tanks can put your crew down with intestinal problems — causing you both time and money.

    Everpure Bromination protects your crew and passengers more reliably than chlorine by disinfecting water over a wider range of organic and ammonia contents, and a wider pH range than chlorine.

Simplifying your water treatment
During the service life of an Everpure Bromination System, you will notice a reduction in the amount of service calls and time dedicated to system maintenance. You’ll also realize a cost savings from reduced operator time involved with monitoring residual levels and mixing chemicals. In fact, under normal use, an Everpure Bromination System will pay for itself in terms of saved man-hours, and reduced corrosion and damage to your plumbing.

The Everpure System is designed to release carefully proportioned amounts of bromine into your water, and it continues to do this automatically, 24 hours a day every day, for the life of the cartridge. It can be used as the sole means of providing disinfection, or it can be used in conjunction with an automatic proportioning system.

The heart of the system is the brominating cartridge. It holds the polybromide resin, which is non-toxic and will not start fires if accidentally mixed with organics such as fuel oils and paints. The disposable container is permanently sealed and won’t shatter under pressure, plus it is safe to handle and takes only 30 seconds to change.

And with system’s automatic proportioning systems, as water is pumped from a watermaker into the potable water holding tanks, the proportioning system delivers a constant bromine-to-water ratio.

In short, the Everpure Bromination System is a complete system that will simplify the way you think about water treatment.

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